The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is committed to being a leading voice for consumers as we deliver high-quality healthcare for our customers. Visit these key resources to learn how the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is working for you.

AskBlue Educates Consumers about Buying Health Insurance

AskBlue® is a newly redesigned website created by BCBSA that answers questions about how to buy health insurance and helps people get health insurance that fits their healthcare and financial needs, whatever they may be.

To learn how it works, visit AskBlue® and see for yourself.

The Power of Blue: Creating Healthier Communities

For more than 80 years, we have worked with local communities to deliver better quality and more affordable care. We provide leadership and help fund local programs that improve the health and wellness of our members and their communities. Find out what your local plan is doing in your community and see The Power of Blue.

Blue Distinction Centers

The hospital you select can have a direct impact on the care you receive and your procedure results. But finding the right hospital can sometimes be a challenge.

That’s why we developed the Blue Distinction Centers® recognition program to identify hospitals with proven expertise and efficiency in delivering specialty care. Find out more about this innovative program at