Medicare Advantage Needs Stable and Predictable Funding to Protect Beneficiaries 

Medicare Advantage is a stable and popular program that is valued by more than 30 percent of Medicare enrollees — 19 million and growing. These beneficiaries have chosen private Medicare Advantage plans because of the patient-centered, high-quality health care services provided, as well as additional benefits not available in traditional Medicare.

MA plans outperform traditional fee-for-service Medicare on a variety of quality measures, including reduced hospital admissions and emergency room visits. Plans offer significant initiatives in primary care and preventive services, care coordination, case management and other activities designed to improve quality, with an emphasis on those with chronic conditions.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies collectively cover nearly three million beneficiaries in Medicare Advantage plans.

BCBSA supports adequate funding for Medicare Advantage so that beneficiaries can continue to receive affordable and attractive benefits and the MA program can continue its focus on improving outcomes for patients.