Medicaid Needs Stable and Predictable Funding to Ensure Access and Improve Quality for Vulnerable Populations

Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies are leaders in serving Medicaid recipients and currently provide coverage for 6.6 million enrollees in 23 states and Puerto Rico. Through Medicaid managed care, Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies address both the social and economic issues of Medicaid enrollees, along with their physical and behavioral health needs. Managed care is now the predominant delivery system for state Medicaid programs, helping states to ensure access, improve quality and achieve budget certainty.

Through contracted arrangements with state agencies, Medicaid managed care organizations provide traditional Medicaid benefits and additional services to Medicaid enrollees. Blues Cross and Blue Shield companies have programs in place to identify the most effective ways of facilitating access to social supports, such as housing, education, job training, and other services, in a holistic and individualized approach.

As a result of chronic disease prevention and treatment programs developed by Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, members in Medicaid managed care plans have seen measureable improvement in health outcomes.

BCBSA urges Congress and the Administration to ensure continued financial support for Medicaid medical assistance to reflect increases in the prices for medical care, growth in the volume and intensity of services per person and demographic effects such as the aging of the population, so that states can properly invest in Medicaid improvements through managed care.