Ensuring a Strong, Private Market with Competition and Choice for Consumers

For more than 80 years, the private health insurance market has provided Americans with healthcare coverage that has continuously evolved to meet consumer needs. Yet today we are at a crossroads. Although we have made great strides in expanding access to health insurance, it remains too expensive for many working, middle-income Americans who do not receive coverage through their employers. Moreover, in one-third of U.S. counties today, people who buy coverage on their own have only one choice among health insurers.  

While there are differences on the best approach, most agree that Americans are best served by a competitive, private health insurance market that offers consumers the choices they want at a price they can afford. Further, healthcare coverage must be accessible to as many Americans as possible, with more choices and better prices. 

To achieve that end, we support actions to: 

  • Address the immediate priorities that will help keep premiums stable and allow people to keep their coverage; 
  • Return regulatory authority for insurance to the states so that they can put in place reforms that work for them; and
  • Cut back regulations and fees that add costs without value.

BCBSA is committed to working with Congress and the Administration to advance a stable and affordable private insurance market.